Exotic Istanbul - East meets West

In May of 2012 the Euroleauge held their annual Final Four Weekend i exotic Istanbul Together with som good friends I hade the pleasure of staying there four days and enjoying the hospitality and (for us) fairly low prices.

Taking the walk over the bridge were the locals tried their luck fishing, going through busy shopping areas and then arriving at the great mosques visible from almost everywhere, was one of several memorable moments on this trip. The basketball games was of course also on the list, as well as the bar on top of the hotel just down the street from our hotel. And not to forget the restaurant in the top floor of the same hotel.

Istanbul should be a nice target for Norwegians, flying with Turkish Airlines from Oslo doesn't cost a great deal and while you're there the money last longer than at home. I will for sure go back their for a nice weekend sometime soon. And then maybe take time to go over to the asian side of Istanbul also.