Just south of Norway is Denmark, a small and flat country well worth visiting!

Since it's so near to us, a lot of Norwegian families spend their summer holidays in Denmark. Several ferries ships us over, with or without our cars, in just a few hours. One of these is the commonly used Stena Line.

It's now even possible to drive from Sweden to Denmark using the new Øresund Bridge.

We have visited Denmark on several occasions, always experiencing friendly hospitality and good service.

Since Denmark has a lot to offer tourists, I will only mention shortly some of the places I have been to. The rest is up to yourself to find out more about.



The capitol Copenhagen is perhaps the most exciting city. With it's many shops, cafes, pubs and restaurant it can be very enjoyable. The pedestrian street is very long, stretching from Nyhavn and up to the city hall.

The harbor area Nyhavn is very famous, and tourists go there to enjoy the pulsating summer life, a cold Tuborg and a good meal.

And when we're so lucky to experience some warm weather, it's very nice to sit down at one of the local outdoor places to eat or drink.

A visit to the Tivoli and the Zoo is also mandatory on your first visit to Copenhagen, especially if your bringing your children. You will probably need more than one night in the Tivoli to get around all the popular attractions.



Located on the east coast of Jylland, Aarhus  is one of the larger cities and a nice place to visit during a stay in Denmark.

The Old Town is a must if you go there, and a cold Carlsberg in one of the many pubs in "Vadestedet" along the canal tastes really good after a long days walk.


Denmark by car

Denmark is very suitable for a vacation using your car to drive around. Last Easter we did this, visiting places as Ribe, Kolding  and Frederikshavn.

Very often people stay in the popular local Inns spread all over Denmark, offering good food and nice prices. Special offers and more info at "Dansk Kroferie".

See also Ministry of Transport.