The Pinscher is a type of terrier, and it's origin country is Germany where they were used as guard dogs for horses as well as for hunting rats.

But the modern Pinscher is well suited as a family dog and is very willing to learn different skills.

Not to be mixed up with the larger Doberman Pinscher or the smaller Miniature Pinscher, they are considered to have a very pleasant temper and a strong bond to their family.

More about our pinscher Turbo, and some pictures, on his pages (left menu).

The German Pinscher is extremely intelligent, always perky, quick-witted and attentive. He requires understanding and discipline and given sufficient loving, blends into his family and is an ideal, delightful housedog and companion.” - Werner Jung


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History of dogs

  • When my brother and I were young school kids, our parents bought a Shetland Sheepdog. Little Connie was for a period of more than 12 years, the fifth member of our family.
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  • Elin's big Newfoundlander, with the suitable name Globus (globe), lived a happy life for 10 years giving much fun and joy to the whole family.
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  • From autumn 2005 and until December 2007, we had the joy of having the Tibetan Terrier, Kyang's Yak, as a member of our family.
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  • In August 2008, we brought home our new puppy, the German Pinscher "Ta Wei's Dragbike", that we decided to call "Turbo".
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