Yak's pictures

Hi folks, here I am in my new home in Fredrikstad, already busy biting on furniture and leaving wet surprises on the living room floor for my parents to step in.. ;-))

Last week I found this funny looking white ball that I tried to play with. But that was some sorry excuse of a ball, it just became flat when I tried to bite it..

Another question I have asked myself is why I have to go outside all the time when it's so cold and wet? I think it's much more comfortable indoors.

And if I don't want to, I just sit down looking the other way..

"Well, something called winter is here (don't know what that is, but all that white stuff sure is fun to run and jump in..), and as you can see my fur has grown quite a lot since this autumn".

"As a matter of fact, I sometimes have problems seeing things, and then I bump my head into them.."

"But that doesn't stop me from running around and having a nice time every time my "dad" takes me for a walk.."

"My owners says someone called summer is here, and with it some warmer weather here in Fredrikstad.

I don't know that summer-person, but I thought; why not remove some of the winter clothing if this temperature is going to stay?"

"So today I was at the hairdresser and got my new short summer fur, and as you can see I look quite different with my small almost grey spots and black ears.. Nice?"

"Last week I met all these new and strange four-legged friends. We were allowed to run together in the woods, and that was great fun, even though I got very dirty. Those boxer-guys put up a good fight, but I never gave up trying to outrun them around the bushes.. Afterwards I slept for several hours, boy was I tired...ZZZZzzzzz"..

History of dogs

  • When my brother and I were young school kids, our parents bought a Shetland Sheepdog. Little Connie was for a period of more than 12 years, the fifth member of our family.
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  • Elin's big Newfoundlander, with the suitable name Globus (globe), lived a happy life for 10 years giving much fun and joy to the whole family.
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  • From autumn 2005 and until December 2007, we had the joy of having the Tibetan Terrier, Kyang's Yak, as a member of our family.
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  • In August 2008, we brought home our new puppy, the German Pinscher "Ta Wei's Dragbike", that we decided to call "Turbo".
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