Elin's first dog, Colargol's Globus, was a Newfoundlander, often called newfy or nuffe. He was a big, strong, longhaired and stubborn dog that mostly did what he wanted, and had a hard time listening to his owner.

Going for a walk with Globus could be some experience. At least when he spotted a cat or another dog, and you tried to hold him back. No wonder he ran into the street some years ago and was hit by a car.

Globus became very weak and old during the winter 2004/05, and was put to sleep in July 2005, a little over 10 years old.

History of dogs

  • When my brother and I were young school kids, our parents bought a Shetland Sheepdog. Little Connie was for a period of more than 12 years, the fifth member of our family.
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  • Elin's big Newfoundlander, with the suitable name Globus (globe), lived a happy life for 10 years giving much fun and joy to the whole family.
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  • From autumn 2005 and until December 2007, we had the joy of having the Tibetan Terrier, Kyang's Yak, as a member of our family.
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  • In August 2008, we brought home our new puppy, the German Pinscher "Ta Wei's Dragbike", that we decided to call "Turbo".
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