Pinschers - Post vaccinal reactions

A very strange phenomenon can occur in some puppies around 10 days after their 12 week mandatory vaccination.

Even though many Vets seem to know very little, or usually nothing (!), reports on these complications keep popping up all over the Pinscher-world.

Luckily for us, our breeder gave us a good description on the possible reactions that a small number of Pinschers get, and our Turbo sure got it full strength!

Some puppies only get a mild reaction, a little trembling and dizziness for a day or so. But some, as little Turbo, loses their balance, trembles uncontrollable, throwing up their food and falls into very hard attacks of cramps.

When something like this happens to your otherwise healthy little puppy, there are 2 very important factors to be aware of:

  1. You have read or know about this possible reaction in advance.
  2. You visit a vet that takes you seriously and are willing to treat your dog as described in other cases.

Many Pinscher owners have faced this situation not knowing about it and meeting a Vet that didn't have a clue. A possibly fatal situation for the dog.

To the best of my ability I have gathered some written material about this reaction to the vaccine, some in Norwegian, some in Swedish and one in English. Hopefully the different Pinscher Associations will also coordinate some research and spread more knowledge out to the Vets.

During the difficult days we had, I wrote down some info about Turbo's status as things changed quickly and many times. We learned to stay cool and focused, and just help him with our love until he was back on his feet.

After 6 days, Turbo was back to normal again and playing around the house in his usual speed (you guessed it; turbo covers more than his name.... ).


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