In May 2014 the Eurolague Final Four was arranged in the historic city of Milano, assumed to be founded around 600 B.C. For a short period Milano was the captol og the West Roman empire in the 4th century.

Milano has been ruled by France and Spain in the early 16th century amd also by Austria in 18th century. Due to these periode, a lot of architecture is quite different from most large italian cities.

Milano offers a modern subway system, and combined with nice long walks it's possible to enjoy the different areas, parks and streets. And of course the big square in fromt of the Duomo de Milano, the large cathedral in the midcenter.

We stayed at Art Hotel Milano, a nice hotel located within walking distance from one of the subway stations, and with the canal Fiume Bisenzio close by. Along the canal we also found some nice restaurant and bars, perfect for rounding up a long time walking around the city.