In April of 2009 we were once again on the road with fellow collegues from Goodtech and their spouses, this time to Scotland and the lovely city of Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland has a long history, founded in the 7th century and with several thousand old bulidings. Some of the in fact bulit on top of others as time has gone by.

Walking in the old city, and along the so called "Royal Mile" that stretches from the Queens castle in one end and up to the Edinburgh castle in the other, you'll find nice pubs and small shops. And always a lot of tourists from all over the world.

When we were there the city streets was dug up to establish a modern tram system as the traffic was quite chaotic. The city is for sure worth visiting again, prices from Noroway by plane is cheap and maybe the tram is ready by now?

If not, a pint of local beer in the pub "The World's End" is to be recommended. Or in some of the other pubs.