Sellebakk, or Selbak, is the name of the small city area north of Nabbetorp on the east bank of the river Glomma.

Today it's a quiet place, most of the local shops have closed down, but newly built and popular appartments along the river might bring new life to the area.

Sellebak Bruk, a local saw- and planing mill, was established in 1865, and was in activity for nearly 100 years. It used the river Glomma for transportatioin of timber from the woods further up north.




On the way from Nabbetorp to Sellebakk, you will also pass the area of Sorgenfri, containing houses built after the local sawmill was established in 1865 under the name of "Galtungssaga".

Before the Fredrikstad bridge was established, it used to be a small ferry taking people and bikes from Sellebakk over to the western bank of Glomma.

Now adays many people want to re-establish this ferry connection as the popular shopping area of Østfoldhallene is just on the other side from Sellebakk.