In May 2010 the capitol of France was the venue for the Euroleague Final Four. Together with my wife Elin and some good friends, I spent 4 very nice days in this lovely city. In fact this was a revisit since several of these friends also went to Paris in 1999 when the Chicago Bulls visited Europe and played in the McDonalds Chmapionship which are no longer arranged.

All around us were historical bulidings and names, and as tourists in Paris there seem to be a neverending streem of things to see and do. A must is of course the Louvre museum and the Eiffel tower, a boatride on the Seine and a nice cup of coffee (or a cold beer) on one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Walking around in central Paris, or taking the very effective subway, you will find shopping areas, nice parks and a pulsating modern capitol wrapped in old and historical buildings. Here's som pictures taken with my iPhone during our nice stay in spring 2010, a visit that I'm sure to do again.

Then maybe with the rest of the family and some tickets to EuroDisney.