Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Elegance

My previous and ninth car, a 2002 model Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Elegance, we found searching the internet, and after taking a closer look, we bought it in late January of 2006.

The automatic 4WD function, and the rather spacious luggage room, makes this car almost  perfect for the active family in a country where the weather is an issue all year around.

The Elegance model also has electronic Air Conditioning, leather seats, electronic sun-roof, as well as a lot of other practical details; like the strong 140 HP engine with a manual gear.

SUVs are very popular in Norway at the moment, even though the tax level suggest smarter things to do with our money.

The X-Trail has been sold in great numbers for many years, and offers a car with much potential compared to the "not-so-frightening" price.

Personally I find this 4WD very stabile on the road, there's hardly any noise, and it's size gives even our family of 4+dog enough room to move around.

When I sold it in June 2010, it had served us for more than 140.000km, so far the car I've driven the longest.

But I kept the ski-box that came with the Dobló, it might come in handy.


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