Fiat Dobló (8)

My largest car, a Fiat Dobló Panorama 1.6 ELX, was bought in October of 2002. This was actually my 7th Fiat since 1986.

This very spacious and smart MPV (multi-purpose-vehicle) is one of several innovations from the Italian car manufacturer in recent years.

Many car producers make similar models, and they are often popular as a family car.

Here's our new car pictured in the old town of Fredrikstad.

A very practical skibox was mounted, giving us some extra space when traveling to i.e. Trysil in the winter.

This car had 4 airbags, ABS, air-conditioning and as the seats are higher than most cars, you have an excellent view when driving it.

I drove it for 108.000 km before I sold it in January 2006. I still miss all that space..


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