Fiat Punto Cabrio

When we were on Santorini for our summer vacation in  1998, the obvious choice of a rental car was this brand new Fiat Punto Cabrio.

We had it for 3 days, travelling all around the nice island, to this day the best vacation I've had in many years.

It was really nice to drive, but in my opinion having air-conditioning is better than the cabriolet:

It's cooler, and you don't get burned on the top of your head.


Fiat Punto 1.2

When we were on Tenerife for our summer vacation in August of 2002, the choice once again fell on a Fiat Punto.

We had this practical car with an economic (but oh so slow..) 1.2 ltr engine and Air Conditioning (a must!) for 12 days, travelling more than 1000 kilometers. And the pize for rental cars in Tenerife is actually quite pleasant.

Since there is much to see on Tenerife, a car gives you all the possibilities. As we stayed on the south coast, a drive up to the capitol St. Cruz was a must.

The electronic servo for city driving is a pure pleasure, very handy when parking in narrow parking lots.

And on Tenerife, there is not many available..


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