VW Touran 1,9 TDI (10)

In June 2010, it was time to find a newer car, the old X-Trail had done it's job for five years going close to 200 000 km.

Using internet, I found this nice VW Touran TDI, a spacious familiy car with a 1.9 turbo diesel engine (105hp) and 6-level smooth automatic gear. The experience driving this car is very nice, and it suits our daily demands having two children and a dog.

My 10th car looks to be the all-time high when in comes to comfort and economy. And plenty of space in the back..

Washed and polished, ready to go
Washed and polished, ready to goPhoto by JK, July 2010
Washed and polished, ready to go
The new Touran in Skien before departure
Indicators are integrated in the side mirrors
Ready for vacation, ski-box mounted
Low profils, 225x40x18
Xenon headlights, follows the curve


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